Books available for loan

Web Sites of interest

EDGAR (for Electronic Data Gathering, analysis, and Retrieval) the SEC site that is the best resource to get filings of all public companies, including 10-K reports.)

Biospace (news from biotech and pharmeceutical industireis with links to current trials and sites devoted to specific diseases, similar to Gen & Eng News, but on line.)

QX (resgister to get information from sections devoted to diseases, companies, the market place, analysis and news)

BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization) describes itself as 'Web Solutions for the Life Sciences' (for 'recombinant capital', with much information about clinical trials & research programs. It is a pay site, but those interested in the site may be able to use it under some circumstances)

Cornell Research Foundation, Inc.

PhARMA is The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

FDA is the USDHHS's Food and Drug Administration and their Orange Book

E* trades 2002 biotech investors forum

Business wire

Glossary of Financial and Business Terms-from the NY times

NY Times on the web free and you can get E-mail about business

Genetic Engineering News-----get your (free!) hard copy subscription!

CBS Market Watch



microsoftnetwork money central


Big Charts from Market Watch Big Charts health care

Wall Street Journal pay site

Barons pay site


The Museum of American Financial History, a branch of the Smithsonian in NYC devoted to Wall street and more.


Books available for loan

Two books on forming and running investment clubs

Investment Clubs for Dummies by Douglas Gerlach and Angele McQuade

Starting and Running a Profitable Investment Club by Thomas O'Hara and Kenneth Janke

This is the Official Guide from the NAIC 9the national Association of Investors Corporation


Books and articles on Biotechnology

The Biotech Investor's Bible by George Wolfe


General books on Money and Investing

Investment Tax Guide (from the Motley fool) by Selena Maranjian and Roy A Lewis

This is a good simple explanation of the tax implications of investing.

Beating the Street by Peter Lynch with John Rothchild

This is very readable book that includes antedotes from the record holding director of Fidelity Magellan fund and advice on how to invest.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G Malkiel

A classic work from a Princeton scholar. It is intense and difficult but worth the effort if you really want to understand how the value of securities is valued. In my view, it establishes the best advice for developing a personal investing strategy.

The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias

We don't have this at present, but You can find it as an inexpensive paperback. It is the easiest to read book of personal financial advice I have ever read. It owes a debt to A random Walk Down Wall Street. I think it is the best first book to read on investing.

The Motley Fool's Industry Focus 2000

This book, printed in late 1999, gave recommendations for the year 2000. You can gain a few things by looking at parts of this book: It gives examples of how to analyze industries and select stocks. It includes analysis and recommendations of three areas of interest to our group: Biotech companies, Medical Technology, and Pharmaceutical Companies. See what they recommended and how the companies did. Finally you can get an idea of how well smart folks do in predicting stock values. They analyze on-line groceries and recommend Peapod (PPOD), which has disappeared from the Nasdaq and has a value of $0.00.