Club Biomed &endash; Meeting Minutes &endash; 19 Nov 2003

Welcome and monthly contribution collections. We asked partners to share ideas or thoughts about companies we own or might want to own.

John and Carlos reported on the status of Club Biomed's real portfolio & indexes.

Establishment of our 2003-4 audit committee. Judy will act as chair and she will work with Michelle, and Laura. They will get information about how the committee should function and then arrange to meet with Carlos. They will Report at the January meeting.

Educational presentations: Financial analysis 202 by John. John described some of the basic principals from the book, The Intelligent Investor, by Ben Graham and discussed the difference between an 'investor' and a speculator. He then described the three types of financial tables used by companies to report on their financial health. He went into detail about the balance sheet and provided tow examples. He described how earnings, plus other factors are important parts of determining a stock's price.

Quick presentations focusing on binary events.

A report from the Binary event Committee and discussion of the agenda for next month's meeting had to be postponed

Planned Agenda items for January meeting:

-- submitted by John Wagner