Club Biomed &endash; Meeting Minutes &endash; 22 October 2004


Educational Session and Discussion. Personal Experiences: Starting a Biotech with Technology Licensed from Weill Cornell: Why and How &endash; Part Two. Steve Gross.

Elections.Simne was elected financial partner by acclimation. Call for nominations for recording partner

Sell Strategy Discussion & Planning. Carlos made a proposal to create a sell strategy for TEVA. John presented a story and a proposal to create a buy strategy for TEVA based on some previous experience. Partners voted. We agreed to sell if it hit either 20 or 38 (in the meantime it has advanced steadily, but it has not approached either limit.

New Contact in Ithaca. Carlos. Carlos was contacted by a fellow from the Ithaca campus, he represents Big Red Incubator ( Big Red Incubator assists any kind of entrepreneur in all sorts of ways that an Ivy League campus might be able to help. Entrepreneurs can get help from professionals in all kinds of disciplines such as law, engineering, financing, marketing, etc. Some of the staff is full time and some consists of students from Cornell's variance grad schools. Carlos was contacted so as to align some of the scientific talent pool here at Weill Medical to help evaluate scientific ideas. This is an excellent gateway to nonacademic/science careers. If anyone is interested, Carlos is offering to serve as the lynchpin so as to help any interested graduate students to get to have this kind of experience without publicly disclosing the names of those students to the general academic community on our NYC campus. Please contact Carlos if you are interested in participating at any level and he can facilitate the process or put you in touch with our friends in Ithaca.


Preliminary Stock Report. Carlos. Genentech (DNA). Could this be a stock to replace PFE? Carlos presented a little bit about the upcoming company to be presented. He distributed overall financials for the company and fielded some questions. He asked the company to consider DNA over the next month as it will be presented at the next meeting.

Organization & culture at Club Biomed. John et al. The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Club Biomed Partner, planning the next meeting, assigning partners to companies (volunteering or being assigned).

Possible plans for November

Submitted by Andrea Hooper