Club Biomed &endash; Meeting Minutes &endash; 17 November 2004

As of about November 16, 2004

Update on Our Portfolio. John. Information taken just before meeting.

Symbol Cur Price Qty Price Paid Gain $ Gain % Market Val

BIIB 59.07 80 $39.92 1,509.01 46.91 4,725.60

CJHMF 2.655 300 $7.15 -1,371.49 -63.26 796.5

CTIC 7.89 300 $8.58 -229.99 -8.86 2,367.00

IDEV 6.82 100 $7.45 -85.99 -11.2 682

PFE 27.51 100 $32.76 -542.99 -16.48 2,751.00

TEVA 26.95 120 $19.08 921.41 39.84 3,234.00

Update on Stockwatchers.

Stock Report on Genentech (DNA) With a Buy Recommendation. Carlos, Carlos, Andrea, Asif. Presented information on Genentech with handout of expected earnings for 2005 along with an evaluation sheet. Asked Partnership to give the group the power to buy 100 shares at $50 and sell at 10% profit or as they see fit with the power expiring by the next meeting. Motion approved by partners at large with John as diseenting opinion asking for some more data, more information especially as it relates to the Rituxan trials. Andrea said she would follow up on this with Asif and email the Partnership through Yahoo with what she finds.

Stockwatchers Report on BIIB. Dasha. Establishing a sell strategy or should we be thinking to buy more. Update of what is happening with Elan. Will BIIB try to buy Elan? Will Antergen be approved. Etc. Etc.) Partnership voted on a group proposal to sell at 60 no matter what. John proposed perhaps we should actually buy more. Voted to sell at 60.


Mini-presentation. Seven Secrets of How To Be a Good Stockwatcher.

Other Club Business. John.

Possible plans for January and beyond

Submitted by Andrea Hooper