Club Biomed &endash; Meeting Minutes &endash; 22 September 2004

Symbol Price Total Gain $ Total Gain % Market Val

BIIB 59.57 +1620.00 +51.50 4,765.60

CJHMF 2.415 -1675.50 -69.81 724.50

CTIC 6.90 -504.00 -19.58 2070.00

PFE 30.20 -256.00 -7.81 3020.00

TEVA 26.13 +846.00 +36.95 3135.60

IDEV 7.58 +13.00 +1.74 758.00

Portfolio +43.5 +8.61 14473.7

CASH: 6,237

¸ We sold:

CEPH 50.50 +238.00 +4.95


¸ Club Biomed share value: $_28.40_


Educational Session and Discussion. Starting a Biotech with Technology Licensed from Weill Cornell:

Why and How &endash; Part One. Steve Gross. Major points are listed below.

Steering Committee Report. Carlos. Officers met for lunch over the summer and decided to make some format changes to the meetings:

(1) We plan to establish a course and you can get credit for being in the club above

(2) You must fill out a recommendation form in advance of presenting a stock which will recommend purchase price (if there will be a buy recommendation) and an exit strategy.

(3) Large biotech study groups will be instituted &endash; there is a commitment of time here so take it seriously.

Three groups have been formed already:

Group: 1 2 3

Persons: John Joel Mayer Carlos

Don Joe Andrea

Laura Hajira Asif

Stock: PTN TBD Genentech (DNA)

(4) Every member will be assigned a stock to follow &endash; read periodicals, online or magazines and watch how the stock responds and of course report anything interesting.


Upcoming agenda items for meeting in October:




Submitted by Andrea Hooper