Club Biomed's second Virtual Portfolio--RANDOM WALK-- (current portfolio is on the E*Trade Site):

Portfolio Rules History




sell date, amount, profit or loss

Vertex (VRTX)

300 @ 16.47 = $4941; July 2002

Feb 2003; $3675 (-$1266)

Cyanotech (CYAN)

8330 @ .60 = $4998; July 2002

June 2003: 4831 (-167)

Angiotech Pharm (ANPI)

125 @ 39.83; Sept 2002

Gene Logic (GLGC)

660@7.60: Sept 2002

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ

84 @ 59.35; Oct 2002

Cell Therapeutics (CTIC)

1000 @ 5.04 ; Oct 2002

Tanox (TNX)

440 @ 11.60; Nov 2002

Tularik TLRK)

540 @ 9.24 ; Nov 2002

Quintiles Transnational (QTRN)

380 @ 13.09; Jan 2003

Imclone (IMCL)

430 @ 11.65 ; Jan 2003

Diversa (DVSA)

700 @ 7.19, Feb 2003

March 2003: $6405 (+ $1,372)

King Pharmaceuticals (KG)

300 @ 15.91; Feb 2003

Sepracore (SEPR)

360@13.65: Mar 2003

Nuvelo (NUVO)

5900@0.85; MAR 2003


1400@3.64 = 5096; JUNE 2003

Date/ stock

Cash added (or removed)

gain or (loss) from sale

Feb 2003; VRTX



Mar 2003: DVSA



June 2003: CYAN



Rules for constructing the Club Biomed Virtual Portfolio:

The list of stocks used to generate the Random Portfolio is below.


After a spurt by Cyan that resulted in a 16% gain in early augusst, Cyan reverted to its purchase price. Vertex dropped at first, but gained with the Aug rally. By Sept 4 the protfolio had a 6.82% gain, which was due only to a change in Vertex.

By October the portfolio was off about 6% and VRTX was the only winner. We added JNJ and CTIC for a total of siz stocks. This portfolio is close to the mutual fund benchmark, which is also down 6%.

We added TLRK and TNOX in November. The portfolio is up, largely due to a huge surge in CTIC, which is up dramaticallyIt has had some sucess with a novel cancer target. VRTX continues to do well.

In January, 2003, we added IMCL and QTRN. The portfolio is now down 7.67%. Everything is down except CTIC. We have reached 10 stocks, so we will start buying two and selling one for the next 5 months. QTRN is a contract organization and their stock price has increased substaintially for the last few months.

In Feb 2003, we added Diversa and king Pharmeceuticals and sold Vertex. The sale generated a loss of $1266, but created a cash ballance, which is listed in a new table (above).

The quick turn around of Diversa netted a nice profit. we added Sepracore, which is on an up trend and Nuvelo. We had picked Hyseq Inc. but that company vanished in a merger, so I added the new company. It has a low share price and a larger per share loss each year.

Meetings were too croweded in April and May to make changes. In june we sold Syan, which was a wash. We bought AVGN, which had a spirt, but seems to bee loosing its postion.


The list of Stocks used to generate the Random Portfolio: