University or College investment clugs or study groups


Uniuversity of Alaska Student Investment Club

In 1990, UAF placed 4th in the nation in the AT&T Student Investment Challenge, a simulated trading game. Former Chancellor O'Rourkedecided if the students could do that well with paper money, maybe they should be managing real money. By April 15, 1991, $100,000 of University endowment money was transferred to the newly created Student Investment Fund (SIF) account at Dean Witter. Since then, School of Management students enrolled in BA 454 (1st semester students) and BA 455 (2nd semester students) have been managing the account. This site also has a set of by-laws

MIT Entrepreneurs Club (The MIT e-club)

The Yale Biotechnology Student Interest Group

Cornell University and the Jonnson School's Healthcare and Biotechnology Club and Investment Fund

Harvard Biotechnology Club

Notre Dame Investment Club

NYU's Investment Analysis Group or the Stern School of Business

SEED Student-managed Endowment for Educational Development at Virginia Tech has a list of student managed endowments

Amrhein Investment Club is a student-run fund and claims to be the largest of its type in the country


Other investment Clubs


R.I.C.H. (Redlands Investment Club Homies) a lsit of investment clubs

Investment Clubs--even more, listed by state

Investment clubs--still more from the Amrhein Investment Club

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