PDP-11/93 in New York City Needs a New Home

Please note: this equipment has been donated; the page is kept on the web as a bit of computer nostalgia.

Reluctantly, I am forced to seek a new home for a PDP-11/93 along with assorted q-bus boards from DEC, ADAC, and others and related hardware (including rack, reel-to-reel magtape drive, and terminal server) and plenty of original documentation.

This equipment (described more fully below) is at Weill Medical College (formerly Cornell University Medical College) in Manhattan. I cannot pay or arrange for shipping, but would be happy to help assist carting the material to our loading dock, or, to facilitate shipping that paid by a purchaser.

In view of the amount of material (about a van-full), I am willing to hold on to the equipment for a few weeks, so that a mutually convenient pickup can be arranged.

All items below are offered "as is", and preference will be given to the best offer for the entire lot.

For further details, please email me.


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In rack enclosure (?BA23) and expansion box, with fans and power supply.

The system was built in 1990 by Hamilton Avnet, and was in continuous use for real-time data acquisition and instrument control until it was replaced by three PC's, and reluctantly powered down, in 6/2002 ("Why?" you ask). Manuals are provided for system, Peritek, and ADAC boards.

PDP-11/93 boards hardware top

Additional boards

A carton of dual-height Q-bus boards, in bubble wrap, many with cables
Manuals are provided for the Peritek and ADAC boards.

PDP-11/93 boards hardware top

Related Hardware

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Note that the lower 1/2 of the rack contains other electronics, which I will keep. This is a "Milkman V3 visual stimulator", which generates images on a 256 x 256 raster at 270 Hz.

PDP-11/93 boards hardware top


I truly regret that I cannot keep this machine any longer. It is the last of its line (/23, /45, /73), and it had a long, meaningful, and productive life, outperforming a trio of PC's until its power-off day, and scaring many a student.

Making this system Y2K compatible (to conform to institutional standards) was also a memorable experience.

I will not part with my 11/45 processor handbook.

PDP-11/93 boards hardware top

April 20, 2003