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Our Research Interests are to determine the cellular functions of mammalian soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) and the physiological roles of CO2/bicarbonate/pHi sensing via cAMP in eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems using genetic, molecular and biochemical techniques.

We are in the Department of Pharmacology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

We're located in New York City, adjacent to Sloan-Kettering Institute & Rockefeller University.

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Lab Vacation

Our annual camping trip for 1997 was to Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Lab Vacation II

Our annual camping trip for 1999 was Canoeing in the Adirondacks.

Lab Vacation III

Our annual camping trip for 2000 was to Acadia again.

Mime's Bon Voyage party

We haven't been camping in a couple of years, but we did recently have a party at YQ's new home.

Camping and Canoeing in the Adirondacks

Finally, in August, 2006, some of us went camping again.

News from our laboratory

from the Weill Medical College Public Affairs Office: July, 2000

from the Newsletter of the Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care: Issue 4 (2002)

from the Weill Medical College Public Affairs Office: November, 2011

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