Evaluations of companies presented at Club Biomed meetings

(with links to presentations/analysis where available)

IMCL-Imclone---don't buy

PFE-Pfiser -----Buy


REGN-Regeneron----Watch and buy on a price dip evaluation-regeneron.doc--We bought and sold at a profit

MLNM-Millenium-----Watch and follow benchmarks

IDPH-IDEX pharmaceutical--Buy--see our evaluation and Slide show

Cephalon (CEPH) --Buy----Slide show with evaluation

TLRK--don't buy--slide show: Tularik 6-17-03.ppt or two--waiting for evaluation

Amylyn (AMLN)--Buy-- Slide Show--evaluation--we bought and sold at a loss

Progenics--Slide show--evaluation

Genta (GNTA) --Slide Show--evaluation

Conjuchem (CJHMF)--Buy--Slde show--evaluation