Selected Publications of Erik J. Kobylarz

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Last revised: 8/11/07

Schiff, N.D., Giacino, J.T., Kalmar, K., Victor, J.D., Baker, K., Gerber, M., Fritz, B., Eisenberg, B., O'Connor, J., Kobylarz, E.J., Farris, S., Machado, A., McCagg, C., Plum, F., Fins, J.J., and Rezai, A. R. (2007) Behavioural improvements with thalamic stimulation after severe traumatic brain injury. Nature 448, 600-603.
Abstract and related material

Voss, H.U., Ulug, A.M., Dyke, J.P., Watts, R., Kobylarz, E.J., McCandliss, B.D., Heier, L.A., Beattie, B.J., Hamacher, K.A., Vallabhajosula, S., Goldsmith, S.J., Ballon, D., Giacino, J.T., and Schiff, N.D. (2006) Possible axonal regrowth in late recovery from the minimally conscious state. Journal of Clinical Investigation 116, 2005-2011.
Abstract, download, and commentary

Kobylarz, E.J., and Schiff, N.D. (2005) Neurophysiological correlates of persistent vegetative and minimally conscious states. Neuropsychol. Rehabil. 15, 323-332.
Abstract amd download

Kobylarz, E.J., and Schiff, N.D. (2004) Functional imaging of severely brain-injured patients: progress, challenges, and limitations. Arch. Neurol. 61, 1357-1360.
Introduction, editorial perspective, and download

Mack, P.F., Perrine, K., Kobylarz, E.J., Schwartz, T.H., and Lien, C.A. (2004) Dexmedetomidine and neurocognitive testing in awake craniotomy. Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology 16, 20-25.

Retzloff, M.G., Kobylarz, E.J., and Eaton, C. (2001) Optic neuritis with transient total blindness during lactation. Obstet. Gynecol. 98, 902-904.

Kobylarz, E.J., and Daubenspeck, J.A. (1993) Modeling human diaphragmatic electromyogram and airflow responses to imperceptible mechanical loads. Ann. Biomed. Eng. 21,475-88.

Kobylarz, E.J., and Daubenspeck, J.A. (1992) Immediate diaphragmatic electromyogram responses to imperceptible mechanical loads in conscious humans. J. Appl. Physiol. 73, 248-259.

Daubenspeck, J.A., Leiter, J.C., McGovern, J.F., Knuth, S.L., and Kobylarz, E.J. (1989) Diaphragmatic electromyography using a multiple electrode array. J. Appl. Physiol. 67, 1525-1234.

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