NIPS*2000 Workshop: Information and Statistical Structure in Spike Trains
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Day 1
Peter Cariani Stimulus coding through interspike interval statistics of neural populations Abstract home page
Don H. Johnson Information theoretic analysis of neural coding and processing Abstract types.pdf
Emery Brown Dynamic analysis of hippocampal information encoding Abstract  
Rob de Ruyter Measurement of information transmission in spike trains: Direct methods and stimulus reconstruction Abstract  
Adam Kepecs Information encoding in bursts and spikes Abstract  
Stefano Panzeri A series expansion approach to the study of temporal, correlational and rate coding Abstract  
Alex Dimitrov Analyzing neural coding: jointly typical sequences and quantization Abstract nips2000.ppt coding.pdf
William Levy Experiences, thoughts and conjectures on implementing a Lempel-Ziv-type algorithm to measure information in a spike train Abstract  
Jonathan Victor To bin or not to bin: Novel approaches to obtain and debias estimates of information and entropy Abstract ppt presentation and preprint lab home page
Day 2
Maneesh Sahani Kernel regression for neural systems identification Abstract  
Lovorka Pantic Coincidence detection with dynamic synapses home page
Gytis Svirskis Theory relating properties of neuronal firing to statistics of synaptic input Abstract  
Barry Richmond A stochastic model using easy measurements exactly predicts spike trains and the information they contain for single neurons and populations Abstract  
Terry Sejnowski Information transfer by synchronized inhibition    
Pam Reinagel Spike patterns and visual coding in the LGN Abstract Temporal coding in thalamus precision in retina, LGN, and cortex
Robert Liu Spike precision and information in the cat LGN Abstract  
Daniel Reich Information rates conveyed by groups of individual neurons in primary visual cortex Abstract  
Simon Schultz Series expansion analysis of cortical spike train information Abstract papers page
home page for NIPS*2001 Workshop: Information and Statistical Structure in Spike Trains
home page for NIPS*2000 Workshop: Information and Statistical Structure in Spike Trains

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