Selected Publications of Peter B. Forgacs

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Last revised: 9/7/16

Forgacs, P.B., Frey, H.-P., Velazquez, A., Thompson, S., Brodie, D., Moitra, V., Rabani, L, Park, S., Agarwal, S., Falo, M.C., Schiff, N.D., and Claassen, J. (2017) Dynamic regimes of neocortical activity linked to corticothalamic integrity correlate with outcomes in acute anoxic brain injury after cardiac arrest. Ann Clin. Transl. Neurol. 4, 119-129.
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Forgacs, P.B., Fridman, E.A., Goldfine, A.M., and Schiff, N.D.(2016) Isolation syndrome after cardiac arrest and therapeutic hypothermia. Front. Neurosci. 9, 259. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2016.00259.
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Adams, Z.M., Forgacs, P.B., Conte, M.M., Nauvel, T.J., Drover, J.D., Schiff, N.D. (2016) Late and progressive alterations of sleep dynamics following central thalamic deep brain stimulation (CT-DBS) in chronic minimally conscious state. Clinical Neurophysiology. doi: 10.1016/j.clinph.2016.06.028.
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Forgacs, P.B., Conte, M.M., Fridman, E.A., Voss, H.U., Victor, J.D., and Schiff, N.D. (2015) A proposed role for routine EEGs in patients with consciousness disorders. Annals of Neurology 77, 185-186.
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Forgacs, P.B., Conte, M.M., Fridman, E.A., Voss, H.U., Victor, J.D., and Schiff, N.D. (2014) Preservation of EEG organization in patients with impaired consciousness and imaging-based evidence of command-following. Annals of Neurology 76, 869-79.
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Forgacs, P.B., Sarkis, R., Folkerth, R., Golby, A., Hsu, L., Bubrick, E.J., and Dworetzky, B.A. (2014) Focal cortical dysplasia IIb presenting as slowly progressive aphasia mimicking a brain tumor. Seizure. 23, 161–163.

Forgacs, P.B., von Gizycki, H., Selesnick, I., Syed, N.A., Ebrahim, K., Avitable, M., Amassian, V., Lytton, W., and Bodis-Wollner, I (2008) Perisaccadic parietal and occipital gamma power in light and in complete darkness. Perception 37, 419-432.

Forgacs, P.B., von Gizycki, H., Harhula, M., Avitable, M., Selesnick, I., and Bodis-Wollner, I. (2006) The wavelet transformed EEG: a new method of trial-by-trial evaluation of saccade-related cortical activity. Clin. Neurophys. 59 (suppl.) 183-189.

Forgacs, P.B., and Bodis-Wollner, I. (2004) Nicotinic receptors and cognition in Parkinson’s Disease: the importance of neural synchrony. J. Neural Transm. 111,1317-1331.

Kanyo, B., Argyelan, M., Dibo, G., Szakonyi, Z., Vecsei, L., Fulop, F., Lancz, A., Forgacs, P.B., and Pavics, L. (2003) Imaging of dopamine transporter with 99mTc-TRODAT SPECT in movement disorders. Clin Neurosci/Ideggyogy Sz. 56,231-240.

Kis, B., Mezei, Z., Forgacs, P.B., Gecse, A., Telegdy, G., and Bari, F. (2001) Prostanoid synthesis in the cerebral blood vessels of asphyxiated piglets. Acta Physiol Hung. 88, 87-100.

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