Matlab Code for Spike Time Distances Between Spike Trains

Daniel Reich:

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Matlab code for Spike Time Metric

function d=spkd(tli,tlj,cost) % % d=spkd(tli,tlj,cost) calculates the "spike time" distance % (Victor & Purpura 1996) for a single cost % % tli: vector of spike times for first spike train % tlj: vector of spike times for second spike train % cost: cost per unit time to move a spike % % Copyright (c) 1999 by Daniel Reich and Jonathan Victor. % Translated to Matlab by Daniel Reich from FORTRAN code by Jonathan Victor. % nspi=length(tli); nspj=length(tlj); if cost==0 d=abs(nspi-nspj); return elseif cost==Inf d=nspi+nspj; return end scr=zeros(nspi+1,nspj+1); % % INITIALIZE MARGINS WITH COST OF ADDING A SPIKE % scr(:,1)=(0:nspi)'; scr(1,:)=(0:nspj); if nspi & nspj for i=2:nspi+1 for j=2:nspj+1 scr(i,j)=min([scr(i-1,j)+1 scr(i,j-1)+1 scr(i-1,j-1)+cost*abs(tli(i-1)-tlj(j-1))]); end end end d=scr(nspi+1,nspj+1);