Algorithms for Alignment of Labeled Sequences

Dynamic programming algorithms for comparing multineuronal spike trains via cost-based metrics and alignments

J.D. Victor, D.H. Goldberg, and D. Gardner

J. Neurosci. Meth. 161, 351-360 (2007)


Cost-based metrics formalize notions of distance, or dissimilarity, between two spike trains, and are applicable to single- and multineuronal responses. As such, these metrics have been used to characterize neural variability and neural coding. By examining the structure of an efficient algorithm [Aronov D, 2003. Fast algorithm for the metric-space analysis of simultaneous responses of multiple single neurons. J Neurosci Methods 124(2), 17579] implementing a metric for multineuronal responses, we determine criteria for its generalization, and identify additional efficiencies that are applicable when related dissimilarity measures are computed in parallel. The generalized algorithm provides the means to test a wide range of coding hypotheses.

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