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Pharmacokinetics Simulator

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The model on which this calculator has not yet been clinically validated. Please provide the author with clinical feedback.



Calculate the volume of distribution and half life based on two plasma levels separated by a time interval. Then estimate the expected peaks and troughs on a new dosing regimen. For instructions, click on the button below.



Warning: These calculations are based on a number of assumptions that may not apply to particular clinical scenarios. The author makes no claim that the drug dosing will achieve the predicted levels. Use with extreme caution.



Weight (kg) Medication
High Peak Low Peak High Trough Low Trough Draw Delay Level Error Time Error
±  ± 
Dose (mg/dose)
  Indexed Dose (mg/kg/dose)
Dosing Interval (hrs)
  Peak-Trough Interval (hrs)
Peak (mcg/ml)
  Trough (mcg/ml)
V(L/kg) (range) =   ( - )
t (hrs) (range) =   ( - )
kelim (hr-1) (range) =   ( - )
New Dose(mg)   New Indexed Dose (mg/kg)
New Dosing Interval (hr)   Peak-Trough Interval (hrs)
Dose Number 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
New Peak (mcg/ml) =
New Trough (mcg/ml) =


Created: October 16, 2001
Revised: December 14, 2001

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